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Our grapes

A return to the soil’s  fertility and plants’ expression: this is the biodynamic method, a great opportunity for the farmer, his company, its identity and its economy.

The cultivation area is small! Just 4 hectares, but it is our pride, because if it is still alive and well after 53 years, this is only thanks to the biodynamic production!
Already 30 years ago we were advised to uproot and replant them as they were giving always less fruit and in addition, the ripened grapes were devastated by powdery mildew and oidium ... a disaster.

It was then that we decided to start the biodynamic method. And so overnight no more use of chemical fertilizers, no more poisoned treatment but only grassy meadows, preparation 500 (horn manure), large spurts of 501 (horn silica), no deep tillage but surely lots of love!

Today the vineyard is healthy and produces excellent, delicious grapes and large sun fragrant grape clusters.  This "miraculous" production is exclusively used to make biological grape juice for children.

Agricola Ceglia | La nostra uva


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