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the fruit of health!


The Ceglia farm produces green Hayward and Bruno kiwis, known by the brand “AngelKiwi”, grown with the biodynamic method, to find the best quality, in full respect of nature. In our area the Kiwifruit benefits from exceptional conditions: the temperate-humid climate ensures regular growth of the fruit and the harmonious and fertile soil of alluvial and volcanic origin has proved itself immediately particularly suitable for Actinidia cultivation, allowing the plants to fully express themselves. The effect of the right climate and soil together with the Steiner cultivation method allow the production of a fruit with an excellent flavor which is preserved in cool storage cells with controlled temperature up to six months after its harvest.

The excellent quality of our fruit (in terms of storability and quality shelf life) is achieved thanks to  rationalized harvesting: the harvest starts only when all hardness and optimal sugar degree parameters have been achieved. The whole production is controlled and certified by the Demeter hallmark as well as by the biological control authorities.


AngelKiwi. I kiwi Biodinamici
Agricola Ceglia | AngelKiwi. I kiwi biodinamici


For the fruit’s storage, the Ceglia firm is provided with all necessary equipment to ensure on-the-land quality preservation, which allows delivery of the fruit to the consumer up to the month of May each year.

The control of all storage parameters is implemented by means of computerized systems managed by a highly specialized refrigeration company, which checks and evaluates all obtained parameters on a weekly basis, at the same time carrying out an inspection of the product in the individual cool cells and ensuring the same quality throughout the marketing period.

Processing of the product and type of packaging

The kiwis are released from the storage cells and loaded on an electronic sorter machine, where they undergo a first check for the elimination of non-compliant products.  They are then divided by size, according to the weight of each fruit.  At this stage they are transported by forklifts and prepared for packaging, after additional manual controls by the operators.  All packages are marked "AngelKiwi", hallmark of the entire upstream process of what is proposed to the consumer’s eyes.

- Double layer of cardboard from 10 kg;
- Double layer of cardboard with holes from 3.

Agricola Ceglia | Le nostre celle frigo

The kiwi is the fruit of health.  It is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as in other key nutrients, such as fibers, folic acid and potassium.  The unique combination of these kiwi nutrients within the body entails significant health benefits.

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